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Accounts receivable financing is the purchasing of accounts receivables at a discount.


Businesses need capital to operate and to grow — and sometimes they need it before clients are able to pay for completed work.

Also known as “factoring”, accounts receivable financing is a $130 billion industry in the US alone and allows a small or medium-sized business to get their money immediately. It’s a common solution for everyday cash flow needs, or for temporary cash crunches associated with timing problems or rapid growth.

Businesses can use this immediate capital to pay employees and operating expenses and to purchase orders to continue their growth.

Accounts receivable financing, with capitalNOWUSA is the fastest and easiest way to get operating capital for your business without taking on debt.

You sell us a specific invoice and we give you a cash advance, or down payment, of 75% of that invoice’s face value. Once your customer has paid the invoice (usually within 30-45 days), we return the remaining 25%, minus our fee.

capitalNOWUSA is setup to solve your everyday cash flow needs or temporary cash crunches caused by timing problems or rapid growth.

The application process is quick and your company’s creditworthiness is irrelevant.

Your quality invoices and your customer’s ability to pay are our only concerns. 

capitalNOWUSA can fund your first invoice within 24-48 hours of product delivery or service completion

and we can fund subsequent invoices in just hours!

The Process

Application & Agreement

Complete our brief application and sign our agreement.

Submission & verification

You send us the invoices that you want us to finance and we verify those invoices with your customer.


We wire the money directly into your bank account.

Once the invoice is verified you will have the funds within 24 hours, it is just that easy!

capitalNOWUSA vs Banks

We finance your abilities, not your financial statements.

We finance from today going forward, not based on your past performance.

We have a single fee that we charge at the end of the transaction

we don’t nickel and dime you over every service.

We require very little paperwork.

With us, a decision maker always picks up the phone or returns your email.